Complete all online registration at planeths.com. Then email Mrs. Wyatt to register for a physical date.
    5/24 at 2:45pm
    6/7 at 5:30pm
    7/26 at 5:30pm


    Please complete all online registration forms prior to dropping off any physical evaluation forms to the Athletic Office at Pinelands Regional High School.

    All team registration is now online.

    Below is the link to register for a sport AND a link to print out the Physical Pages that the doctor needs to fill out and sign.

     Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Forms

     Planeths Online Athletic Registration

     ****** If your child has a medical condition, please see the forms listed to the right and have your childs' physician fill out any forms that are relevent to their condition****

    ***If your child sees a specialist for an injury, or medical condition, you will need a note from that specialist clearing them to participate in athletics at the beginning of each school year***


    Steps To Get Cleared for Sports

    1. Student Athlete registers at www.planeths.com using their school email address and password for the Planeths Student Registration Portal.  Each student athlete needs their own log in. 

    2. Parent Registers at www.planeths.com using their own personal email and password. 

    3. Once both the student athlete and parent have made an I.D and password, then from the student account click the LINK ACCOUNT button. This will send an invitation email/link to their parent/guardians email to link them with the student account. There is a youtube video link, and instructions link to the right for guidance with this step.

    4. Both the student athlete and the parent must log into their own portal and complete all neccessary forms and electronic signatures (10 forms).  A sport must be chosen for athletic clearance to be completed. (Forms include either a full athletic packet for the first sport of the school year, or a renewal history form for your second or third sport of the school year.  The system will identify which one you need to complete)

    5. If you are getting a physical by the school physician; print out the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Forms above.  Fill out the history portion of the forms, sign the bottom of all pages, and return to the JHS or HS Catbox.  The athletic secretary will call you to confirm your appointment with the school physician.

    6.  If you are getting a physical by your personal doctor; print out the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Forms above. Fill out the history portion of the form, sign the bottom of all pages and have your doctor fill out the forms.  Then scan or take pictures of your forms and upload them into your planeths student athletic file.  The student athlete should then return the ORIGINAL (paper) Physical Evaluation Forms to the JHS or HS Catbox.

    7. As athletic clearance is completed the team rosters are updated. You will recieve an email when all forms have been approved by athletics and the coach will contact you with practice information.


     We do not take walk-ins and there are limited spaces for each physical. Physical dates and times are on a first come first serve basis based on when completed paperwork is handed in and online forms are completed.


    NO student may participate in PRSD Athletics without a current school physical on file.

    ALL Physicals Must Be Filled Out On STATE/PRSD Physical Forms!! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Physical Forms

  • Planet HS YouTube Instruction Video
  • Planeths Registration Instructions
  • Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Forms
  • Asthma Form
  • Diabetic Medical Management Plan
  • Hypoglycemia Form