• All Durham school buses are equipped with Zonar's Ground Traffic Control software, which allows Durham and Pinelands to monitor activity while on the road and to further ensure equipment safety.

    Students are requested to be at their bus stop ten (10) minutes in advance of assigned pick-up time.  Similar to public transportation, bus pick-up times will vary for reasons such as changes in traffic, substitute bus drivers, unforeseen accidents and/or road construction, or even something as simple as the bus not hitting any red lights on a particular day.  Please allow up to ten minutes both before and after the assigned pick-up time.

    Some Pinelands students live on roads that flood during high tides and/or inclement weather.  For students living on these roads, Pinelands will make every effort to pick up and drop off the students at their regularly assigned bus stop.  However, if tidal or weather conditions render these roads impassable for buses, the bus will drop off/pick up students at the next closest alternate stop possible.  Please be prepared to use the alternate bus stop in the case of road flooding.

    The decision to close school due to inclement weather or emergencies is made for the safety of all students who live within the boundary of the Pinelands Regional School District.  Once the decision is made to close at Pinelands, transportation will be cancelled for students transported by Pinelands to any private, non-public, or vocational school outside of Pinelands as well.

    The student's primary residence is used to determine the closest bus stop and bus route assignment. For shared custody situations, the parent identified as PRIMARY in Pinelands student database will determine which residence should be used for transportation.  Multiple bus stops for multiple residences is not permitted.