• sbys

    Counseling Services

    These services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!

    Individual Counseling: 

    SBYS provides supportive counseling services to PRSD students.

    Family Counseling:

    SBYS provides counseling to PRSD students and their families. 

    Psychoeducational Groups:

    SBYS provides opportunities for students to engage in groups. Group topics vary and are determined based on interest/need. Some group topics have included grief, self esteem, healthy relationships and emotional regulation.

    Family Workshop:

    SBYS holds a 7 week educational program utilizing the nationally recognized and award winning Strenthening Families curriculum. This family workshop is open to parents/guardians and their 11-14 year old children that attend Pinelands or one of its sending districts. Each session begins with a complementary dinner. For more information on the Family Workshop, please contact Janel Gonzales at 609-296-3106 x4470 or jgonzales@prsdnj.org.