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    Parental Engagement Programs

    Positive adult relationships are critical in the ongoing development of youth. Pinelands SBYS encourages these important connections by hosting various events/programs that include adult role models. The following events are provided each school year: 

    Adult Male Role Model Day: 

    Adult Male Role Model Event. PRSD students are encouraged to invite an adult male role model for a light complimentary breakfast and conversation. This even occurs in September. 


    Adult Female Role Model Day:

    Adult Female Role Model Event. PRSD students are encouraged to invite an adult female role model for a light complimentary breakfast and conversation. This even occurs in May. 

    Family Workshop:

    SBYS holds a 7 week educational program utilizing the nationally recognized and award winning Strengthening Families curriculum. This family workshop is open to parents/guardians and their 11-14 year old children that attend Pinelands or one of its sending districts. Each session begins with a complementary dinner. For more information on the Family Workshop, please contact Janel Gonzales at 609-296-3106 x4470 or jgonzales@prsdnj.org.



    Groups/Transition Programs 

    YOUthrive Action Team:

    Students enhance their leadership and decision making skills through various activities. Students help SBYS promote numerous awareness campaigns throughout the school year as well as meet regularly to discuss teen driven topics. Students are also encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities we make available. 

    Transition to HS/Mentoring Program:

    Transition program designed to assist 8th grade students with their transition to the High School. High School students are encouraged to fill out an application if interested in becoming a mentor to incoming freshmen. 

    7th Grade Already?!:

    Two day transition program offered in the summer for incoming 7th grade students. Program also includes an hour long parent/caregiver informational session. 

    Classroom Presentations:

    SBYS works closely with teachers to provide classroom presentations that enhance and support current curriculum.