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    What is SBYS?

    Pinelands School Based Youth Services Program (SBYS) is a collaborative partnership between the NJ Department of Children and Families and Pinelands Regional School District. Since 1988, Pinelands SBYS has been offering a safe and supportive enviornment to address the educational, social, and emotional needs of youth as well as their families. Services are readily and easily accesible as our offices are located in both the JHS and HS buildings.


    Junior High School: Room B111

    High School: Room 171 

    Contact Us at 609-296-5074 or sbys@prsdnj.org

    Pinelands SBYS is designed to help young people navigate their adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment or continuing education, and graduate healthy and drug-free. Pinelands SBYS promotes healthy youth development through comprehensive services that encourages social, emotional, and physical well-being. In addition to the core services listed below, SBYS develops programs to respond to the needs of the local community.

    • Individual Counseling
    • Family Therapy
    • Psychoeducational Groups
    • Parental/Guardian Engagement Programs and Events
    • Employment Services
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Learning Support
    • Prevention Services​
    • Information/Referral
    • Recreation/Enrichment Activities
    • Ropes Course Programs

     24/7 TEXT and Talk NJ Youth Helpline:

    2nd Floor Youth Helpline